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 Sustainable Ceramic Collections for STEINBEISSER Experimental Gastronomy Autumn 2022 Edition in Amsterdam.


Aurore Piette Studio for Steinbeisser, from revalued local ocean matter.
Chef Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan created special organic vegan temple food menu in collaboration with artists and designers who crafted cutlery and tableware for this experimental gastronomy event in Amsterdam

Aurore Piette Studio for STEINBEISSER_edited.jpg

Chef Zen Bouddhist Jeong Kwan and her experimental gastronomy in Aurore Piette Studio tableware in Amsterdam, Photo by Kathrin Koschitzki, September 2022. 

P I E C E S   F O R   S A L E   ON
P I E C E S   A   L A   V E N T E   S U R


In order to gather the guest not only around a table, but also around a plate, ABYSSES collection’s shapes are deep and dark. Thus, by two or three, the guests will have to harvest the plate itself as a territory, a troglodyte inhabitat, in order to discover the food.

For hygiene reasons, the plates present a inner relief that guides the user to an individual part of the piece, thus the plates present natural divisions.

Abysses Collection 3 - Aurore Piette Studio.jpg

The COASTLINE collection is inspired by the local topography and the meeting of the ocean and the continent. This leitmotiv of gathering is also such present in restauration where people are bounding together around a plate to share a common experience. Here the organic shapes of the pieces define the area of a shared experience.

With COASTLINE, Aurore Piette Studio proposes to share a journey in the locality of

Meschers-sur-Gironde, France, origin of the works. Here, the natural lines of the seashore are embodied in the edges of the pieces.

ISTHMUS means a fine earth surface bounding two wider earth areas. This geographic illustration leads here to gather two persons to share a common experience through a unique plate.

Following the gathering meaning of a diner, here the plates aim to embody the notion of meeting in its shape. Using the same aesthetic rules from the other collections, ISTHMUS presents dark and glossy internal surface such as the algae’s textures at low tides.

Isthmus Collection 1 - Aurore Piette Studio.jpg

DEEP SHELL pieces shapes are directly inspired by the organic curves of wild sea foods that emerge in seaweeds at low tides.
The natural texture of Aurore Piette Studio’s Revalued Maritime Material leads to a shell structure on the external surface of the pieces. Thought for two persons, the pieces are composed of a duo of shell curves.
Thus, the food is hidden in the dark internal surface of the plates, such as a pearl in an oyster. Here, the shapes gather the guests together around their common plate, getting intrigued by the inner tresure of the ceramic shell.

TWIN ISLANDS illustrates the symbiotic vision of human and nature that share Steinbeisser and Aurore Piette Studio.
Here, playing with the maritime vocabulary, the pieces illustrate the idea of complementarity. This symbiotic approach of making through the process and through the shapes embodies the symbiotic approach of the cuisine proposed by Steinbeisser and the chefs: vegan and local.

Twin Islands Collection 2 - Aurore Piette Studio.jpg

The project based area is characterized by a massive limestone cliff composed by sedimentary materials from the Cretaceous. The eroded relief appears like a passed reef, those shapes directly inspired the REEF pieces. Smooth organic lines define the edges of the plates, opening passively to reveal the food to the guests.

Such as the Craftswoman of the sea discovering the locality and her natural workshop, here the pieces embody the same mysterious felling of investigation.
Thought for two, the pieces present curves in order to offer individual areas in a common plate.

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