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M A R E T E C H    W O R K S H O P
part of Milan Design Week 2023 

Via Sirtori 32, 2nd floor with WORTH partnership projects.
In collaboration with Robot Faber and Vorm Vrij 3D.


R e v a l u e   l o c a l    o c e a n   m a t t e r 
f r o m    n o r t h   G i r o n d e   E s t u a r y
i n   D e s i g n   A p p l i c a t i o n   
t h r o u g h   3 D   p r i n t i n g   
t e c h n o l o g y :   a   z e r o   w a s t e   
p r o c e s s.

R e v a l o r i s e r   d e s   m a t é r i a u x   
l o c a u x   o c é a n i q u e s   i s s u s   d e   
l ' e s t u a i r e   d e   l a   G i r o n d e   e n   
a p p l i c a t i o n     d e s i g n   p a r 
l ' i m p r e s s i o n   3 D : 
u n    p r o c e s s u s    z é r o   d é c h e t.

More detail on maretech project page
Plus de détails sur la page maretech project

 Sustainable Ceramic Collections for STEINBEISSER Experimental Gastronomy Autumn 2022 Edition in Amsterdam.

Aurore Piette Studio pour STEINBEISSER, Edition Automne 2022 à Amsterdam, Collections de céramiques locales et responsables, émaillées pour la consommation alimentaire.


Aurore Piette Studio for Steinbeisser. Chef Zen Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan created special organic vegan temple food menu in collaboration with artists and designers who crafted cutlery and tableware for this experimental gastronomy event in Amsterdam.

Aurore Piette Studio for STEINBEISSER_edited.jpg

Chef Zen Bouddhist Jeong Kwan and her experimental gastronomy in Aurore Piette Studio tableware for Steinbeisser Autumn 2022 Edition in Amsterdam, photo by Kathrin Koschitzki, September 2022. 

Aurore Piette Studio, Guest Sustainable Designer at ISOLA Design District for MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2021.

Aurore Piette Studio, Designer Responsable Invitée à ISOLA Design District pour la MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2021.

MATERIALIZED SHOW From biomaterials to sustainable furniture at Spazio Gamma, Milano. 


Designers at Materialized Show 2021 : Alouane Said Ruspoli, Aurore Piette Studio, Austeja Platukyte, Blast Studio, Carolina Giorgiani, CooLoo Coatings, Dorian Etienne, Jule Cats, Keep Life, LI-AN-LO, Omnia Studio, Studio CTT, Studio Lionne Van Deursen, BioDesign MA Graduates from Central Saint Martins London, Turkish Stones Library, Unurgent Argilla, Vincent Decat, Vr+Agma.

Nature's Whisper Show highlights products made with Sustainable and Natural Materials at Copernico, one of the most Iconic Skyscrapers of Isola, Milano.

After the Digital 2020 Edition Aurore Piette Studio joined Milan Design Week 2021 for 60th birthday of Salone del Mobile in Milan.

at Materialized Show and ECO CERAMICS part of Nature's Whisper for ISOLA Design District,
Milan Design Week,

Après une Edition 2020 sous format Digital, Aurore Piette Studio a rehoint la Milan Design Week 2021 pour les 60 ans du Salone del Mobile de Milan.

AUTARKY TABOURET ET VASE présentés à Materialized Show et ECO CERAMICS à Nature's Whisper  
pour ISOLA Design District, 
Milan Design Week,



Designers at Nature's Whisper Show 2021 : Zheni Studio, Aurore Piette Studio, Coki Barbien, CCONTINUA & MAMT.

Aurore Piette Studio at Sainte Anne Gallery for Paris Design Week 2021 with Spacial Green Garden Show.

Aurore Piette Studio à Walker Tower NYC avec Galerie Philia (15 Février - 15 Mai 2021).

Aurore Piette Studio à Sainte Anne Gallery pour la Paris Design Week 2021 avec l'Exposition Spacial Green Garden.


With: Willem Van Hooff, Raphaël Emine, Remy Van Zandbergen, Joana Schneider.

Aurore Piette Studio in TV5 Monde show Version Française,
Le Geste (The Gesture) at the end of this Episode.

Aurore Piette Studio sur TV5 Monde, dans l'Emission Version Française: Le Geste présenté à la fin de l'épisode ci-dessous.

Aurore Piette Studio in Walker Tower NYC with Galerie Philia

15 Feb. to May 2021.

Intrinsinotopy in NYC.JPG

Aurore Piette Studio at SAINTE ANNE GALLERY, Paris for their first show. Postponed in May because of sanitary situation.

Aurore Piette Studio à SAINTE ANNE GALLERY, Paris pour leur première exposition. - Reporté en Mai suite à la situation sanitaire.


MARETECH project part of FUORISALONE Milan Design Week 2021 with Worth Projects Partnership.

MARETECH part of  Fuorisalone

MARETECH au Fuorisalone pour Milan Design Week 2021 avec Worth Projects Partnership.


for MARETECH Project  developed by Aurore Piette in collaboration with Gianluca Pugliese from LOWPOLY, WASP Hub in Mardid (Spain) and Dr. Roberto Naboni, CREATE Southern Denmark University. 

A Prize delivered by the British Council and Dutch Design Week 2020 in the frame of WORTH project.

Premier Prix du SUSTAINABLE MAKERS AWARD 2020 (Prix du Fabricant Eco Responsable 2020) pour le Projet MARETECH développé par Aurore Piette en collaboration avec Gianluca Pugliese de LOWPOLY, Pôle WASP à Madrid (Espagne) et Dr. Roberto Naboni, CREATE SDU.

Un prix délivré par le British Council et Dutch Design Week 2020 dans le cadre de WORTH project.

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