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M A R E T E C H    W O R K S H O P
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MARETECH WORKSHOP, based on the French Atlantic Coast, seeks to value local waste ocean matter in Design and Architecture Applications.

Indeed, raw material is naturally generated in the sea in North Bordeaux through sedimentation process. With the tides this characteristic matter reaches the coastline. However, because of human activity along the shoreline, the ocean matter is gathered and discharged offshore as a waste.

Aurore Piette has been captivated by the possibilities of local matter and the zero waste approach of 3D printing technology as she considers how craft will progress in the near future.

As a result, MARETECH WORKSHOP aspires to create the first Craft Tech Hub by proposing a sustainable and local production for design and architecture applications. Thus, they 3D-print light products for indoor use made 100% of revalued ocean matter. Here the aesthetic embodies the local cliff and pays tribute to the close nature, origin of the material.

Maretech Workshop Aurore Piette
Aurore Piette Studio MARETECH WORKSHOP 2023

More than a production place, MARETECH WORKSHOP aims to spread its local and sustainable vision of making to a wider public. Thus, the Craft Tech Hub targets local schools and tourists through pedagogical workshops developed from ocean matter in order to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Because sustainable also means social, MARETECH WORKSHOP offers a contemporary way of production and shares its local vision of making through on- site workshops.

Aurore Piette, Craftswoman of the Sea, collaborates with Robot Faber, specialist in 3D software, Designer & Artist, and VormVrij3D, experts in 3D Clay Printers, for technical assistance and equipment supply, to develop MARETECH WORKSHOP.

Tourists Workshop - Maretech Workshop - Aurore Piette Studio
Toursit workshop -  Maretech Workshop - Aurore Piette Studio
School Workshop - Maretech Workshop - Aurore Piette Studio

M A R E T E C H    project as been rewarded  and financed by Worth Partnership projects in 2020-2021 and 2022-2023, leading to an evolution and professionalization.

M A R E T E C H    2 0 2 1

MARETECH project revalue discarded sedimentary materials from the French Atlantic Coast in Design field by using 3D printing technology.


Thus, today, on the French Atlantic coast, natural matters are created through sedimentary processes in the water and reaches the seashore through the tides. There, because of human activities, raw materials are collected and thrown away offshore.

The Craftswoman of the sea, Aurore Piette, develops unique vision of fabrication in order to offer Design applications to these raw matters by getting inspired by Craft and Nature.

With MARETECH, she defines what Craft would look like in a close future by bounding natural materials that characterise her works and emerging technology, 3D printing. Thus, developed in Worth Project frame in collaboration with 3D printing expert Gianluca Pugliese, LOWPOLY (WASP Hub, Madrid) and experimental architect Dr. Roberto Naboni, CREATE SDU, MARETECH proposes to revalue local discarded materials as modular architectural elements for interior separation wall by using 3D printing as making process.

By choosing 3D Printing, zero waste process, MARETECH follows sustainable leitmotiv: MARETECH values local natural resources and enhances their properties through adaptable fabrication process, leading to relevant functional pieces that embody the origin of the project in their organic design, the Ocean. Thus, sustainability is here defined by meeting two innovations: revalued materials and emerging technology.

MARETECH 3D Modelisation by R. Naboni -
MARETECH Process 2021 in LOWPOLY Madrid

Le projet MARETECH revalorise des matériaux sédimentaires issus de la côte Atlantique Française dans les domaines du Design et de l'Architecture grâce à la technologie émergente, l'Impression 3D.


En effet, aujourd'hui, sur la côte Atlantique Française, des matériaux sédimentaires sont naturellement créés dans l'eau et atteignent les rives avec les marées. Pour cause d'activités humaines dans ces régions, cette matière brute est collectée et déchargée au large. 

L'Artisane de la mer, Aurore Piette, développe une vision unique de la fabrication avec pour objectif d'offrir des applications Design à ces matériaux bruts en s'inspirant de l'Artisanat et de la Nature.

Avec MARETECH, elle définit ce à quoi l'Artisanat ressemblera dans un futur proche en fusionnant au sein d'un même projet, matériaux naturels qui caractérisent ses travaux et technologie émergent, l'impression 3D. Ainsi, développé dans le cadre de Worth Project en collaboration avec un expert de l'impression 3D, Gianluca Pugliese, LOWPOLY (WASP Madrid), et un architecte expérimental, Dr. Roberto Naboni, CREATE SDU, Danemark, MARETECH propose de revaloriser des matériaux locaux en tant qu'éléments d'architecture modulaire pour murs de séparation d'intérieur grâce à l'impression 3D.

En choisissant l'impression 3D, un procédé  zéro déchet, MARETECH suit son leitmotiv éco-responsable: MARETECH valorise des ressources locales et met leurs propriétés en valeur grâce à un processus de fabrication modulable, aboutissant à des pièces fonctionnelles et pertinentes dont l'esthétique organique retranscrit l'origine du projet: l'Océan. Ainsi, l'éco-responsabilité est ici définie par la rencontre de deux innovations: matériaux revalorisés et technologie émergente.

MARETECH Prototypes - Aurore Piette - LO
MARETECH Atlantic Ocean

M A R E T E C H     A W A R D S

Sustainable Makers 2021 by British Council and Dutch Design Week 

Worth 3rd Call Winner

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